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A glimpse of what we do.

Here is a formal presentation of our three main products.

PRETORIAN: Turboprop 100Hp engine

Turboprop design for small size aircraft, ULTRALIGH types, LSA or regular conventional aircrafts types with a very broad range of types, shape, cost and characteristics. Manufactured with the same materials that all PAPIZTURBINE engines but with a free shaft system turbine and hydraulic clutch that allows the engine a smooth start with no load ensuring a good time of useful life and presenting the same low consumption as all engines of this company that allows to put this type of engine without making several modification in the plane and in the flight.

QUASAR: turboprop 180Hp

Turboprop designed for medium size airplane or small ones with special characteristics like STOL airplane and others. As every engine design by PAPIZTURBINE Company, this engine has a very low consumption, the capacity of use 3 type of fuel like JP or jet A1, diesel and biodiesel bringing safety, reliability and savings to this kind of airplanes.